• Logline: With no evidence to justify the arrest of hacker ‘THC’, alleged public enemy #1, Major Fortress leaders take on a risky assassination plan.

    Synopsis: The future of planet Earth is dark: its downsized population undergoes constant alien attacks and its toxic environment is now the home of zombies, monsters and a large variety of mutant fauna and flora. The Yellow Corporation governs the biggest fortresses in the world, thus dictating the lifestyle of all humankind. Hacker Thomas Calvin is held responsible for an anarchic and troubling wave of attacks that altered the proper functioning of the Major Fortress, headquarters of future society. With no evidence to arrest Thomas, leaders of the Yellow Corporation force the young hacker into mandatory military service and send him on a one-man suicide mission.


    - Festival do Rio 2014 (Rio de Janeiro , Brasil)

    - Anima Mundi 2014 (Rio de Janeiro / São Paulo, Brasil)

    - Animation Block Party 2014 (New York city - NY-  US)

    - Wasteland Weekend 2014 (California city –CA- US)

    - MUMIA 2014 – Mostra udigrudi internacional de animação (Belo Horizonte - MG, Brasil)

    -Three Corpse Circus Film Festival 2014 (Ann Arbor - Michigan, US)

    -Baixada Animada – Festival de animação Ibero americano (Duque de Caxias, RJ – Brasil)